SPRINGWELL Exercise Clinic | Franchise with SPRINGWELL Exercise Clinic
We are a behavior change company
disguised as a gym… helping people build

healthy habits for life.”

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We are all In:

  • We serve a unique and underserved population in health and fitness
  • We believe in the potential of each and every member
  • We believe in our members even when they don’t
  • We create a sense of safety with clinical oversight
  • We provide a non-judgmental and welcoming atmosphere

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We Champion Potential

  • We start our programs low and go slow
  • We focus on long-term, sustainable results rather than quick fixes
  • We provide individualized and flexible coaching, not mandated one-size-fits-all workout regimens
  • We celebrate the process, not just the outcomes

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We Find the Joy

  • Individualized programs in a fun group setting
  • Joy Masters lead our classes
  • Inspirational quotes and motivational activities
  • Dance Days

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SPRINGWELL Exercise Clinic

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The SPRINGWELL franchise offers the opportunity to enter the $30 billion fitness industry with a unique selling point and competitive advantage. SPRINGWELL Exercise Clinic combines fitness and health care into an innovative concept that fills a large gap in the current health care environment and delivers a powerful solution to the 133 million people living with chronic disease in the U.S.

SPRINGWELL is a specialized medical fitness franchise. Our focus is on helping individuals adopt a healthy lifestyle in a welcoming and clinically supervised environment. We offer lifestyle coaching for people with chronic health conditions and those who simply want to adopt healthier habits.

We take pride in our ability to monitor health vitals like oxygen levels, blood glucose, heart rate, and more with state-of-the-art equipment while providing an individualized exercise program for our members. All programs offered by SPRINGWELL Exercise Clinic are designed by highly-trained specialists. Our mission is to expand the SPRINGWELL franchise and better the lives of our members by teaching lifelong healthy habits.

A message from the Founder and CEO


I am on a mission to empower the millions of people who want to take control of their health and live life to the fullest. Each and every day I advocate for people who need a solution that enables them to be more active and adopt a sustainable healthy lifestyle. Earlier in my career, while working with cardiac patients in a hospital-based exercise program, I recognized the gap between general health and fitness and acute rehab programs. Over the next 10 years while teaching community education sessions on health management and prevention, I received countless requests for support from people who knew they needed to improve their health in order to live life to the fullest. What I heard was that it was not a lack of motivation for people but the lack of a facility and program that delivered high quality care, healthcare expertise, supervision and accountability, coupled with a fun, social and inspiring experience grounded in a sense of belonging and community.

My passion behind my business is the people that we serve every day, our members. My deep-rooted purpose is leading this company forward with the goal and vision of creating opportunities for all people of all ages and stages in their personal health journey. I am committed to transforming the way the world is delivering prevention and health management and firmly believe that together we can change the trajectory of chronic disease.

Our members are part of a movement that is full of joy and inspiration. It is common for me to hear stories from our members that share how transformational our program has been for them, including a powerful change of mindset. In fact, our members can’t help but to evangelize this movement to others and to share the joy they are now living with anyone who may benefit.

Moving forward, I am committed to innovating for our clinics and members as we continue to create tangible, realistic solutions that empower people to make sustainable lifestyle changes. Together. we are change-makers in healthcare! I am confident that as you continue to learn more about my company you will find joy and be inspired by the stories of our members and the potential we have together – to help new members discover their own story and share it with the world!

Empowering new possibilities,
Sara Hodson Founder & CEO

PS – Our members love to dance with us! Can’t wait to show you more!